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Why Teens Need Therapy

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There are many reasons why teens may need a therapy session or two to straighten out things or possibly address some behavioral concerns. Teens are best guided when they’re young and still susceptible to good advice. The level of distress of teens that undergo is quite dangerous because their judgment gets clouded quite easily. 


Teens should have easy access to a therapy session whenever they need it. It should not be reserved for life-altering situations alone. Teens are best benefited by talking to a person of authority, more particularly a mental health counselor. With the increased rate of suicide among teens, it’s only right that they are given the attention that they need no matter how trivial their concerns may be.  

If you want to know the signs that a teen needs therapy, read the list below. Teens may go through a certain phase that they won’t be able to handle on their own. This is where the assistance of a therapist or counselor is crucial.  

  1. Depression. 

Even teens get depressed as well. It’s true that depression isn’t only for adults. If you notice that a teen has major mood disorders, then that could be a sign that he or she is depressed. This depression should be treated right away or else it will stay with them until adulthood. Some of the other signs of depression include sadness, irritability, and withdrawal from the crowd.  

  1. Anxiety

It’s normal for teens to get worried at times. But if they’re too worried or anxious, then that’s no longer right. Such anxiety may manifest in his or her ways, such as difficulty in talking in class. If the teen is constantly worrying about things that are about to happen, then it’s a sign that therapy is needed. It’s important for teens to know how to handle anxiety at a young age.  

  1. Behavioralproblems 

Being juvenile delinquent is a possibility among teens, and this could root from simple behavioral problems. Teens that are getting suspended from school are the ones that may need therapy best. Other signs include aggressive behavior and repeated curfew violations. The therapist could help a teen with behavioral problems in addressing any underlying mental health issues as well as skill deficits and social problems. 

  1. Substance abuse 

Teens that are into alcohol and drugs are sure-fire candidates for counseling leander. Substance abuse requires treatment through detox, group and individual therapy, and residential treatment. All these are necessary to put a teen back on track.  

  1. Stress

Teens can get stressed too. Whether it’s due to simple things like unfinished homework or something major like an upcoming exam, then you have to help in addressing that. If left unchecked, stress can take a serious toll on the teen’s personality.  

  1. Social concerns

In today’s world where social media dominates, a teen must be shielded against the negative effects of the use of these technologies. If there are issues related to his or her social interaction and interests, then the therapist should step in immediately and take action.  


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